This one is totally untranslatable. Norwegians, for some reason, have chosen to call quotation marks ‘goose eyes’. Go figure. We wrote this poem as a meditation on that particular absurdity in our language.

If you click the soundcloud player below the comic, you’ll hear the poem read for you by the talented Anette Løbach. You might not understand it, but you’ll get to listen to how our weird words are pronounced. 🙂



«In goose eyes» – a poem.


It sees me. The goose.

The goose sees me from the other side of the room.

The warm, tender beady eyes sees me.


Sees me with craving.

Sees me with with hunger.

Not for sustenance,

but for me.


The goose sees me –

not just the woman sitting here wearing my dress

– it sees ME.

Sees me as I am.


It shakes its tail feathers

– I surrender.

I am seen «in goose eyes».